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Can't Go Away

This song is by Con Funk Shun and appears on the album Loveshine (1978).


I can't go
I'll never go away, yeah
I can't leave
Because I'm here to stay, yeah

Why can't I tell you
How can I prove that my love is true, yeah
Why does it matter
I'm still in love with you, with you

Oh, baby
Oh, baby, don't you care, yeah
I'm not going anywhere, ooh, never
Please believe me
My love will be around

If there's a reason
You don't believe that I care for you, yeah
Just ask of me
And you will receive all my love
My love is true

Oh, baby
Oh, baby
Oh, baby, I can't go nowhere
(Never go away)
Girl, can't go nowhere
(Never go away)
Just can't leave, my love will be around
(Never go away)
Believe me, baby
(Never go away)
Yeah, yeah, just can't leave
(Never go away)
Just can't leave
(Never go away)

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