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So Long Supernova

This song is by Comus and appears on the album To Keep From Crying (1974).

Felt the gray leaf climb up softly
To my bed at the dead of the night.
Just then the moon seemed to slide outside
And cut the room in its light.
That's when I saw her, holding her head in her hands,
Touching her tears
Oh, transparent lady, what makes you appear?
She slowly raised her eyes to meet mine, so she could find
Smoky gray, that haunting shine

Oh, so long, my supernova.
My starlight, that's what I called you.
Materialize, so I can hold you.
Oh Supernova, the dream is over.
My ghostly lover
My supernova
Oh Oh

If I seem too nervous, baby,
It's just that you gave me such a fright.
A female phantom... You look so lovely,
Standing there in the moonlight.
Won't you please answer? So I can believe that you're really real.
Well, tell me, dream dancer,
Do you travel with reason to reach out to feel me?

I slowly raise my eyes, awakening.
It's just a dream.
Reality comes ringing in.

So long, my Supernova
And now that the dream is over,
You're just an echo from an earlier era...
A faded image on my dusty mirror.
My supernova, oh yeah, so long, my Supernova
The dream is over.
So long, my Supernova...
My ghostly lover...
So long, my Supernova...
The dream is over.

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