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This Is Compton

This song is by Compton's Most Wanted and appears on the album It's A Compton Thang (1990).

(VERSE 1: MC Eiht)
Fresh off the streets from the underground
Nick-named MC Eiht, black brother gets down
Came to dazzle with the hip-hop funk
To let 'em know (This is Compton) Now what's up, punk
Westside rulin all world 'cause I dump
And the city that I'm from take no shit from a chump
Niggas don't care if their enemy's beefin
Pretty soon it's a homie you're grievin
You entered the criminal zone
If you're just a little punk-ass fool, you should run on home
Try to compare? Get real
I'm from Compton, so you should know the deal
Ballers, skeezers, no age limit matters
Loced-out muthafuckas make the one time scatter
Toe to toe, draw my mic and start dumpin
It's the down MC Eiht, and fool, this is Compton

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