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It's a Compton Thang

This song is by Compton's Most Wanted and appears on the album It's A Compton Thang (1990).

(VERSE 1: MC Eiht)
Modern society, get hip quick
Plus give me a breath, 'cause you're ridin' my dick
Suckers like jockin for a large extent
Philosophy excused when it's time to get bent
Eiht, considered to be major and substandtial
Put the damn mic down, boy, you can't handle
The pressure, or the assumption that I am great
Black psychologist known as Eiht
Let me suggest that the black race made up rap
And this black brother's here to clock them snaps
Let me propose that I can be nothing nonetheless
Yes, C.M.W. - funky fresh
My main attempt on this final approach
Is to get you to attend, but you can't, you whimp
My wisdom, as you can tell, speaks for itself
Try to compete, then I destroy your mental health
'Cause it's a Compton thang

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