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Give It Up

This song is by Compton's Most Wanted and appears on the album It's A Compton Thang (1990).

(VERSE 1: MC Eiht)
Yo, I got a word for a skee tryin' to bust me
All they gotta do is just give up that pussy
Girls, save the drama, 'cause I know you're in heat
Spread your legs and get ready for the Compton meat
I'm a hound, cause the twat makes the Eiht go wild
Throw your legs on my shoulder, or doggy style
Got to play the role like a punk-ass skee
Next thing that you know is, you give it to me
Girls in Compton say they ain't with it
Save the drag, stupid bitch, in other words, quit it
'Cause I deliver quick fast like Roto-Rooter
Say the dick ain't potent, crazy duck, I shoot her
First you tell me 'no', then you tell me 'yes'
In a week you're sayin' 'maybe', then you say 'I guess'
??? Compton ain't the Eiht, so what
All I know is that I'm a pussy hound, and you got to give it up

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