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These Wings I Once Possessed

This song is by Compromise.

I try to make sense of the wings I once possessed
Why I clipped them back, how I tried to fail
You'll hold this heart for the rest of my life
Words cannot express how much these wings mean
I once felt your love, I want nothing
But to see you smile, to see you breathe again
I am so dissapointed in myself
I am so scared for you
The pain that I feel, for letting us fall
My head hangs so low in front of you all
Trust that these wings, they'll never fly again
An angel amount of time
These worlds will tear you apart
I can't believe I failed you
This is not a dream
It's happening to me
Too many words were changed
I must redeem myself
I want to see myself with you
I could never understand
Believe me I tried to make us real
Remember you're nothing to me now
But my hatred

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