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The Rise And Fall

This song is by Compromise.

Who am I to say how you should feel.
Was it worth it
To break our seal.
Can I forgive what you did to me
I wish someone would help me see.
So after all this time I'm still alive, still doing fine.
I can't say so much for you.
This is about the fall of friends.
It came that September at summers end.
I won't play surprised 'cause I've had doubts.
None of us stood for what we're about.
So now those days are all gone.
And I can't seem to carry on.
Only existing in this song.
This song you wanted all along.
So after all this time you're going to tell me we're a lie.
I never expected this from you.
After all we've been through.
I have suffered enough for two.
But I will not suffer anymore for you.
And I remember when you loved me.
And I will reach the peak of this climb.
This time.

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