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​Tragedy Of War (In III Parts)

This song is by Company Flow and appears on the album Funcrusher Plus (1997).

*Mr. Len cuts and scratches the phrase "Jus' style is infinite"*

(Bigg Jus)
Yo, yo, it stink like dead rappers, check it
The re-birth, type of warfare biological
Delve into my Waterworld, overcome any obstacle
In your bodyframe we're aimin for the jugular
Kids take my styles like D.A. to drug smugglers
Jus the acquisite a prize, the lyrical Charmin
You ridin' fat, hoochies tryin' to glimpse the summit
In the wintertime yo I be killin' Storm Troopers
Cluein your crew in to exactly who done it
Bigg Jus mind invention the king battle of epic proportions
Lyrical intrigue, the master of contortion
Optimized computerization virus
Paradoxical acoustic sound bombing
My complexity weaves fourth-dimensional in your mind
Check the index under ego smashin
Propaganda bashin, meetin the merciless
Pry apart your bourgeoise industry functions
Smoke the rhymes to give the microphone lung cancer
You crabs is straight slummin'
A good investment, a high-yield earning
Your high anxiety burning off the fumes from my burners
My evil memoirs interleave intrigue
To get more niggaz high than Kilimanjaro
Indelible confrontation be way out your league
So say goodbye, to tomorrow like Key
Otherwise or the king of action
Packed like a liquor store auto when check cashin