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This song is by Company Flow and appears on the album Funcrusher Plus (1997).

OK ease back before I make position to squeeze
The head burner cookin, emanate thought and grab my phallus
Please, I pump kinetics with unintentional malice
Wanna battle one of us is endin up in God's palace
Doubt my shit's Official, the Megatron missile
Bio-computer virus with flesh eating potential
(I'm convinced) future MC's are sending robots back in time
As we speak to kill my mother before I'm born, be warned
You catch a high place cinchin, lucky you just the engine
On a vision quest but my breathe is on
Bad intentions to herd the lyrical peak, at my inventions
CoFlow providing DJ's with turntable weapons
Snatch that, Disco Daddy, father pops grand shh
Eliminate pretense, turn rocks to sand
You're rockin' low budget Doctor Who special effects
And that's half-baked, you never get a buck when you act
E-L dash, P is servin' ----- we smash
Be a bootleg, and buildin up a fat nest egg
I say fuck you, it's easy, say it again FUCK YOU
Love love to rock bottom beats for the flicks
To hibernate and syncopate but I'm still in the mix
One of the many young policin breathers knockin' out sequence
Life's a L-O-T-T-O, carry a switch for self-defense
Rappers try to front, but when I rhyme, where that beef went?
If I'm just a reflection then I'm takin' over mirrors
?Woo lock to mack cornum status?, maybe that's clearer

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