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This song is by Common Rotation.

This meeting's been ajourned
We haven't gotten anywhere
No more lessons to be learned
After all these years
It's just a rock overturned
to identify what wasn't shared
The salt of the earth
or it's dirty children's tears

So smile for the camera
(hand shaking for the front cover)
Make sure you capture the good side of the...
(breathtaking for a last supper there are no party favors when
everyone feels they're the...)
Savior, they're the Savior

Read it in the headlines
Plastered on the front page
Read it in the fine print
where the concrete vows are made
Another rock overturned
one more world to our surprise
same old stone to be thrown
at the ideal compromise

Bridge: Too much history in the holding cell
Too much memory in a lingering scent
When the holy land's a living hell
With a wide open vent
It's never safe to assume
You could ever rid yourself of her perfume

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