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This song is by Common Rotation and appears on the album The Big Fear (2003).

I guess I'm fortunate
For you to be on my mind

I guess I'm fortunate
For you to be so kind

but every time I feel that way
I laugh out loud uneasily
We tremble in quiet dismay
then we dance to the tempo that pleases me

I tapped out time on a bottle of rhyme
I watched you side-step across the thin-laced line
Both foot for foot, both fake with the feel
Two forgotten myths, both Achilles heels
So how can I say
So how can I ever run away

I guess I'm fortunate
That you're still by my side
I guess I'm fortunate
That we have nothing more to hide

But everytime you see me smile
You think I'm paying you a lip service
that expression only lasts for a while
So we sing in the keys that suit me best


I guess I'm fortunate
That we know what we now know
I guess I'm fortunate
That we know how this old song goes


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