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What the Heart Looks Like When It's Hot

This song is by Common Rider and appears on the album Thief In A Sleeping Town (2001).

Well its one thing to be broke
And another thing to be broken
I will miss you when I'm drowning
Said the rain to the ocean
The one thing she is is gone
The other thing she is is gone
This is the one about countinig out
The corners of my room
Trying to hold on

Let me show you what the heart looks like when it's hot

In bed when your back was folded
Neatly between my shoulders
Like an envelope and a letter
And even I could tell the truth
Well it gave me a private storm
So I broke up into thirds in your pasture
Now I'm tracing this brutal longing
It's a trick that I just can't master

The night has no concern
For my moments so they just burn
In a fire that looks like dullness
In a pyre that sucks up the darkness
There is nothing profound about thirst
It's the nothing part that cuts the worst
And the Morse Code rain with it's relentless message:
"Fool you're not the first"

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