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Conscious Burning

This song is by Common Rider and appears on the album Last Wave Rockers (1999).

I saw a dark sign on the horizon
But that's not what I keep my eyes on
Even in tough times, good people shine
We say stand together, it's yours and mine

Conscious burning, everything's gonna be all right
We're gonna shake this town with a long forgotten light
Things are changing, but I am not afraid
We'll be together - Rockers of the very Last Wave

When I step down they'll retire my mic forever
Hang it next to jersey 23 at the United Center
Tone syncopation, bigger the bet the better the win
Consciousness party till the light's shining in
Whoa, Hey - it's coming down the track
Wa-ah, one two three to the four
There just ain't no turning back
Whoa, Hey - mission of the Last Wave
Rising from the foundation that your true soul made

Music ain't nothing but expression of joy
When the train hits your gonna feel it
And if you try to preach, that ain't nothing but noise
But if you're feeling love reveal it
This phenomenon comes from the ground of creation - without a doubt -
It is not a sign of weakness - to be real Move Your Body Turn it out -

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