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Last Wave Rockers (1999)Edit

Common Rider Last Wave Rockers

Last Wave Rockers

  1. Classics of Love
  2. Castaways
  3. Signal Signal
  4. Carry On
  5. Rise or Fall
  6. True Rulers
  7. Conscious Burning
  8. On Broadway
  9. Heatseekers
  10. A Place Where We Can Stay
  11. Walk Down the River
  12. Rough Redemption
  13. Deep Spring
  14. Angels at Play
  15. Dixie Roadrash

Thief in a Sleeping Town (2001)Edit

Common Rider Thief In A Sleeping Town

Thief in a Sleeping Town

  1. Am I on My Own?
  2. Insurgents
  3. What the Heart Looks Like When It's Hot
  4. Thief in a Sleeping Town

This Is Unity Music (2002)Edit

Common Rider This Is Unity Music

This Is Unity Music

  1. Firewall
  2. Set the Method Down
  3. Small Pebble
  4. Cool This Madness Down
  5. Long After Lights Out
  6. Blackbirds vs. Crows
  7. Time Won't Take Away
  8. Prison Break
  9. Midnight Passenger
  10. One Ton
  11. Toss Around
  12. Longshot

Against All Authority / Common Rider (2005)Edit

Against All Authority - Common Rider

Against All Authority / Common Rider

  1. Lied To by Against All Authority
  2. War Machine Breakdown by Against All Authority
  3. Barricades by Against All Authority
  4. World Dominator by Against All Authority
  5. Where the Waves Are Highest
  6. Dogtown
  7. Blue Spark
  8. The Only Ones

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Band members:

  • Jesse Michaels - guitar, vocals
  • Mass Giorgini - bass
  • Dan Lumley - drums

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