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Nouveau Depart

This song is by Common Market and appears on the album The Winter's End EP (2009).

Rain on the scarecrow, blood on the plow
Ain't nowhere to go when, it's trouble on the prowl
Move for the sake of not standing still
Who's gonna save us? I guess if God can he will
Taught me to pray but, never trained me to swim
Beast of the nature; leverage can't keep him in
Float with the hopeful, till it starts sinkin' in
Maybe we were chosen, to lead the saints in the march in

Every indication tellin' me
We beheld the face of the devil the
Ancient letters have been and spelled it out
On the vellum, this hell is heavenly
In the inundation a revelry
Let the wave of grace envelope me
Well of emancipation, seldom I've felt as selfish
No help I fell out of zealotry
All the messages heeded 'em
Freely left the rest to be with them
My level of obedience is seen in the seasons
Freeze within the reaches of freedom
See the incredulous seekin' him
Speakin' the ineffable, kneelin'
Every seed in the legion cede allegiance
In the final breaths of death they're breathin'

Hush, I ain't never told you to trust in
Nothin' other than
What you can hold, clutch - that's just
Dust under the muslin

Then I rose, lips sealed eyes closed
Stripped these soaked clothes
Every stitch goes, I'mma be revealed
I'mma see the real get exposed
In the wind a wish blows
What kind of men are content to live with those?
I dig rows of holes for seeds
Who I'mma feed with fishes and loaves?
I am perfectly merciless
Versus the purposeless murderous
I am worthy, not worthless - I deserve this
I am worthy, not worthless - I deserve this
Je suis passé avec Dieu
Je suis passé avec Dieu

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