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Tricks Up My Sleeve

This song is by Common and appears on the album Can I Borrow a Dollar? (1992).

I'm a Jake, I don't bake a cake
I'm not a cake daddy, you know the type be pullin up in a Caddy
With a drop top, see when I hoe hop, I kick it to the bus stop (what?)
And it's goodie goodie gumdrops
I don't be droppin' squat but to the heads they think it's topnotch
I'm skippin over every other dip as if it's
Hop hop hop hop hop hop hop, hop, hopscotch, watch

Aiy aiyyo man, ay man, look at ol' girl
She got a BIG ass! (Yo man, sic her.)
Aiy man, ay... hey sweetheart, how you doin'?

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