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Heaven Somewhere

This song is by Common and appears on the album Electric Circus (2002).

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Phone rang, screen said caller ID said blocked
But for some reason i decided to answer it
On the other end was a French accent
He told me we needed to rap quick
'Cause he had did some bad shit
And would be gone for years, spending these last two days,
with his mama and his kid

When he spoke, I wasn't trying to hear it
'Cause I knew he was a real good person
And this didn't seem like it was in his spirit
He couldn't believe as much as I couldn't, what he done
He said now its time for him to turn himself in
No longer could he run, from life, from God

I started thinkin', why is doing right is so hard
I got back to him when we was in London discussin the New Testament
and how our lives related to it, and how we could make the best of it
Ny voice became destined, so I asked him why you gotta go
He said you know, turn to Matthew 24

He said no one knows the hour, nor do they know the day
But the kingdom is near, don't let anything lead you astray
As long as God is with me, everything will be okay
So right about then, we decided to pray

Just lyin' back makin' the smoke disperse a ray
Deep into clouds (deep into clouds)
It's makin' things appear to me so clearly
Deep in the clouds (deep in the clouds)
just lyin' back makin' the smoke disperse a ray
Deep in the clouds (deep in the clouds)
It's makin' things appear to me so clearly
Deep into clouds

Your time is a terrible to waste
For it's
not one of the...possesions that you can bring to space (yeah, it don't matter)
It's a challenge
But the chance of seeing is quite a dream to chase (yes it is)
I hope
I remind God of him when he sees my face, yeah
He gon' see it

The feeling just keeps on lifting me higher (ever)
And it's everflowing it's, everflowing (keeps on )
When everything puts a smile on my face (ever-flowing, ever-flowing)
And I recognize the strong goal
But I keep on going, I keep on going (he keeps on going)
I keep on going on (he keeps on going)

Oh mighty love, watching over me
A smile, brilliant
All over, constantly
Warm, comforting
Perfect, like nothing
No confusion, no strain
Simply peace
Simply, simply, simply, simply

No fear! Heaven is to me
No fear of destruction
Understanding who he is
His name is Christ, yeah
Heaven, heaven is to me
Wisdom, understanding, knowledge
(Oh understanding)

Streets of gold and pearly gates
Halos wings all dressed in white, hah hah
Angels sing and cymbals glare
No one's rich no one's poor, hah hah
People dreaming they live free
Making love while they in love, hah hah
Wonderful dream wake me when you're home haa!
haahhhaa haaaaaaiiiiahahah!

Heaven, heaven is being pops
Heaven is spending the day with your grandchildren
Listenin' to they voices whenand they laughing and play
And then at the end of the day we hug we kiss and slowly they walk away
And then suddenly they turn and rush back to me and hug me 'round the knees
Yeah, that's Heaven to me


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