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Oh No

This song is by Commodores and appears…

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This song
was a Billboard Hit!
I want you to want me
I'm going crazy knowing he will be your lover tonight
And when he comes, I'll let you go
I'll just pretend as you walk out the door

Oh no
I can't sleep
Oh no
I'm going crazy with love
Over you

I need you to need me
I want to hold you but you're holding someone else in your arms
When I close my eyes I see your face
I'm just not sure how much my heart can erase

Oh no
I can't think, ooh
Oh no
I'm going crazy with love
Over you

Oh, honey
Oh, sugar

Oh no
I can't sleep anymore baby
Oh no
I can't think anymore baby
Oh no
I'm going crazy with love
Over you

Written by:

Lionel Richie

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