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Mighty Spirit

This song is by Commodores and appears on the album Heroes (1980).

Early Sunday morning
Grandma would wake me and say
Get up, it's time for you to pray... yeah
Your breakfast is waiting
But first you gotta get up and dress
Today is Sunday, it's the lords day of rest

Get up!
You gotta find the spirit
Get up
And find find the mighty, mighty spirit

And when I would get to church
The Usher would take me to my seat
The Sisters up front would be keeping the beat
The Choir would be singing the song
And the Deacons would be humming along
A Sister jumped up and said I've been reborn
Oh yeah...

And since then, a lot of time has passed
I finally found out what they meant at last
At last I found, the mighty mighty spirit
Oh yeah

Now every single morning
I wake my children and say
Get up! It's time for you to pray

...Daddy I'm tired, do I have to get up now
Get up! It's time for you to pray... yeah

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