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Irreplacable Love

This song is by Commissioned and appears on the album Irreplacable Love (1996).

Irreplaceable Love

1, 2, 3
There was a point in my life time when I'd just gone astray
From my normal caring state of mind
Doing things usually wouldnt do
Saying things I wouldnt say
Personality of all I had to find
For we all go through moments where hes hard to find
I still fall victim to the point of no return
Thats why its nice to know that your right by my side (la da da da da da)
And your love for me will never ever turn (no ooh)

Your the one, my strength, my reason why i walk around cool
Now I know (now I know)
That ur love is irreplaceable (come on sing)
Thought that I can do without the things that you do how you do it all for me
Now i know (I know)
That your love is irreplaceable (oh oo oh)

Verse 2:
I fell apart of the scene
went through such an akward phase (mmm)
Thinkin that i could solve my problems on my own (thinkin I can do it on my own)
Frustration started 'cuz things didnt go my way (la da da da da da da)
Failed to realize your love helps get my by
And in the dawning moment came upon my mind
Somehow travels end of darkness i saw light
And you refuse that you are there to ease my plite
Bringing faith again
to help me through it all


verse 3:
Cant bear without you
You've got a special kind of love
that keeps me handlin
makes everything alright
makes life worth living
I've never felt so sure about anything in my life
but I know your love is so real
ya give me piece of mind (mind o yeah) (whoa)

Chorus (repeat)

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