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I'm Going On (1985)Edit

Commissioned - I'm Going On
I'm Going On
  1. I'm Going On
  2. 'Tis So Sweet
  3. I Can See Jesus
  4. Unworthy
  5. You've Got A Friend
  6. The City
  7. Giving My Problems (To You)
  8. Surely We Need Him

Number 7 (1991)Edit

Commissioned - Number 7
Number 7
  1. Second Chance
  2. Love U With The Rest Of My Life
  3. We Are Overcomers
  4. I Really Love The Lord (Interlude)
  5. Hold Me
  6. King Of Glory
  7. Please You More (Instrumental)
  8. Be An Example
  9. I Can't Live Without U
  10. Secret Place
  11. I Really Love The Lord
  12. I Love Thinking Of U
  13. Please You More (Instrumental)

Collection (1991)Edit

Commissioned - Collection
  1. So Good To Know (The Savior)
  2. Ordinary Just Won't Do
  3. Go Tell Somebody
  4. If My People
  5. Strange Land
  6. Back In The Saddle
  7. Running Back To You
  8. What Will You Say?
  9. Lord Jesus Help Me (Help Somebody Else)
  10. Hide The Word
  11. You Can Depend On Jesus
  12. Only What You Do For Christ Will Last

Commissioned Complete (1993)Edit

  1. Victory
  2. Love Isn't Love
  3. Go Tell Somebody
  4. Cry On
  5. Who Do Men Say I Am
  6. Hide The Word
  7. Learn To Pray
  8. Running Back To You
  9. I'm Going On
  10. 'Tis So Sweet
  11. I Can See Jesus
  12. Unworthy
  13. You've Got A Friend
  14. The City
  15. Giving My Problems To You
  16. Surely We Need Him

Matters Of The Heart (1994)Edit

Commissioned - Matters of the Heart
Matters of the Heart
  1. Work On Me
  2. Stand
  3. Love Is The Way
  4. Dare To Believe
  5. Another Day In Paradise
  6. You Can Always Come Home
  7. When Love Calls You Home
  8. Lay Your Troubles Down
  9. Find Myself In You
  10. I'm Learning
  11. We Shall Behold Him
  12. Draw Me Nearer

Irreplaceable Love (1996)Edit

Commissioned - Irreplaceable Love
Irreplaceable Love
  1. Opening Meditation
  2. Dominion
  3. Breakin' Away
  4. Until My Change Comes
  5. Do You Still Love Me?
  6. They Must Know
  7. More Than I (Interlude)
  8. Irreplaceable Love
  9. No Weapon
  10. I Can Love Again
  11. More Than I
  12. Crucified With Christ
  13. Closing Meditation

Time & Seasons (1999)Edit

Commissioned - Time & Seasons
Time & Seasons
  1. Shama Of God
  2. Barach You
  3. Glorious Praise
  4. Testimony Service
  5. Testify
  6. You've Been Good
  7. Trying Of Your Faith
  8. Psalms 84
  9. Just Worship
  10. Believe
  11. One Love
  12. Charge It To My Head
  13. That Ain't No Commissioners
  14. You Stayed With Me Lord
  15. Thank You For Loving Me
  16. Ordinary Just Won't Do
  17. Clean Heart
  18. You Are Forgiven
  19. Walk Right

Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. A Life That Shows
  2. Believe
  3. Charge It To My Head
  4. Don't Worry
  5. Everlasting Love
  6. Here I Am(More Than A Conqueror)
  7. I Am Here
  8. I Can't Live Without U
  9. I Got The Joy
  10. One Love

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