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The Walk-Around Problem

This song is by Commander Venus and appears on the album The Uneventful Vacation (1998).

It's the same plan inscribed on me

Cause there's only one design
There's some time allowed to me
But Saturday came and went, and I...

And I still want and I still need
Just don't remind me, just don't remind me
'Cause I still feel and I still need
To feel like I have learned, adapted, and tried
The hungry ones survive
The rest just fall behind
The rest just wait to die

I could have learned to deal with
Kneeling down and living out my life
Like I'm supposed to
But it's too late now for that

These eyes were circumcised from the design
Wait, have I been ruined?
Well, such blinding faith could ruin us

And from now on I will not hide this fear
(Ruin us)
This evolving heart, from stage to stage
Til nothing's left to learn
Cheated and lied, the weakest ones subside
They'll just get left behind
They just can't wait to die, and neither can I

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