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Lock 'n Chase

This song is by Commander Venus and appears on the album The Uneventful Vacation (1998).

Mark the calendar for May

Wasn't May the month we started?
To stick around for magnet compatibility
I'll offer up my cue, it's been too long my dear
This sickening dance
I've got the calluses to prove to you that I've been bruising too

This is it, we can't get back what went away
Locked to our hopes for something new
That's all you get
A shining image of yourself flawed by mistakes you never made
There's nothing left but a few words when passing by
You can't admit that there's nothing to say

I wish you were more than just a hobby to me

(We could stop or move on, a month or two to be together)
And when you let me go you led me into...
(Why can't I want more than just...)
Your warping vision of the way we'll be once we get so lonely

This is it, a final plea for leniency
Can't wait around for something new
That's all you get
A buried memory of me locked on our slow and tired dance
There's nothing left
Twelve frozen months did melt away
Is this how it had to be
I'd say I do, I wish you'd say
I'd say I do, I wish you'd say
I'd say I do, I wish you'd say it too

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