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The Family Album

This song is by Comecon and appears on the album Fable Frolic (1995).

Ashes - my trusty bed
Unhurt me now if you can
Filling the skies - splendour
Provider so sue-serene
Now maudlin now bellicose
No souvenirs - minion

Lead me to life, star spangled eyes
Turtles and doves filling the skies
Lawful offense lustrally spurts
Never repent the harvest that hurts

Aging - without time
In this paradise of self-defence
You need treatment - barrows
Silenced - when two as one
Cross the barriers of violence
Have confidence - ashes

Follow your kind star spangled heir
Rockets and calls filling the air
Wash up and walk into the night
Stale souvenirs; memories that bite

Merry Mary, merry Mary
Marry marry happypill
(Repeat to end)

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