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Omnivorous Excess

This song is by Comecon and appears on the album Megatrends In Brutality (1992).

Always is the time to eat
Watch yourself growing out of your seat
Watch the cherish of parental love
Flow all down the drain

You used to be family's pride
But the way you grew cast you aside
Pretty, quiet, slim and slender
Turned a lump of unknown gender

Dead-ringing a mountain of flesh
A monster of omnivorous excess
Too vast to be of human race
- Monster

Fat and ugly must not be loved
That's why dad is never home
That's why mummy turns away
They hate your ugly face

Eat and vomit, starve and die
They won't bother to ask you why
They won't see you fade away
This is the price the ugly must pay

Dead-ringing a montain of flesh
A monster of omnivorouss excess
Too vast to be of human race
- Monster

A monster of flabby flesh
Pathic revolting excess
Can't believe this a human face
- Monster

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