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Icons Of Urine

This song is by Comecon and appears on the album Fable Frolic (1995).

At the end of history Mengele's smiling
Trading tanks and Stukas for piss or mucus
Or whatever the substance that will do for the tests
Where the human material is purified to its best

Full spead ahead
Full speed ahead
Full speed ahead
Beat off the head

Of misguided humanism
Obstructing nillicism
Nivellating loserism
Limp crypto-socialism

And the test-tubes of urine are the icons of progress
As the future is molden, its showers are golden
It takes a piss in the course where the job might be yours
Being picky and choosy we seek out the loosy

To detect and derail
Those predestined to fail
Detect and derail
The predestined to fail

Is the dynamic force of elite crescent
Eating all the future as it ate all the present
It's no longer the blood that pumps through your veins
It's the determining force of chromosome-chains
But mystics of chromosomes, as of blood, pave the way
Up next are breeding-domes, revisit old days
But all of history ends here and it's blood traded for piss
The arrogance of eternity in the glimmering of piss

Detect and derail
Those predestined to fail
Detect and derail
Those predestined to fail

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