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Die Tonight

This song is by Comeback Kid and appears on the album Turn It Around (2003).

Something in your eyes tells me that you want more,
Or maybe something less.
But I just won't know, standing outside looking in.
Broken dreams. Memories.
Maybe now's the time to go.
Let's go.
I'll save my last goodbye.
For now I'll leave this at goodnight, tonight.
I'm thinking. I'll leave this for tonight.
Take a breath. Breathe it in.
Here's where we move on.
I'm sick of living inbetween.
Broken dreams. Memories.
I can think of simpler times,
When our good days weren't destroyed by lies.
Time to let it go. Let it go.
I'll say my last goodbye.
So now I'm leaving you.
Goodnight tonight.
I'm leaving. I'm letting go.
Die with tonight.
Some thing of the past.
Let go.

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