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Tired Of Hating You

This song is by Combichrist and appears on the album This Is Where Death Begins (2016).

As I was falling to the ground, I dug a grave
I just told you to relax
I was digging with my hands, to survive another day
And I never did complain

I was hoping to dig deep enough, all the way through,
Get to other side
There was only so much I could have done,
To get all the way through

I always choked on limitations
And spitting out the truth
And there's been many words said about me
And very few of them are true

I'm not the parasite
And you know it to be true
I'm not the parasite
I think it must be you

I have evolved with the truth, and set back by every lie
No point in turning back
I was so blind, I was dead in this prison called a life
I was poisoned by your eyes

I'm not the parasite
And you know it to be true
Nothing is what it oughta be
Full destruction seems to follow me

There is nothing left to say about it
We're so far away
I'm just tired of hating you, after living in the rain

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