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You're Still Gone

This song is by Shawn Colvin and Steve Earle and appears on the album Colvin & Earle (2016).

Every time the rain comes in
Every time I hear the wind
I can hear your voice again
Callin' to my heart
Everybody looks like you
Every color turns to blue
No one knows what I've come to
Alone here in the dark

But when I close my eyes
The silence never lies
It's then I realize
You're still gone

Sometimes I can sing a song
Sometimes I know right from wrong
I can see where I belong
Like sailboats on the lake
I dreamed you came back in the end
To fix my leaky roof again
And when I asked where you had been
I found myself awake

And I'm still all alone
And it chills me to the bone
But I keep goin' on
And you're still gone

But I'll never be the same
And there's no one I can blame
But I still call out your name
And you're still gone
And the world keeps spinnin' round
My heart still makes that sound
And I can hear you laughin' now
But you're still gone
You're still gone
And I don't know what I'm waitin' on
But I depended on you for so long

Written by:

Shawn Colvin; Steve Earle; Julie Miller

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