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The Way That We Do

This song is by Shawn Colvin and Steve Earle and appears on the album Colvin & Earle (2016).

A fly on the wall, a ghost in the hall, rent overdue
And I'm on a roll, diggin' a hole, the way that I do
Lyin' in bed, a tune in my head from out of the blue
You come along singin' a song the way that you do
Wake up honey, have you heard the news?
The stars are all gone, we carry on the way that we do

Travel alone down to the bone, just passin' through
Walkin' a wire, feet to the fire the way that I do
I go where I'm led, dance with the dead without any shoes
Stumble on home, you leave the light on the way that you do
Nobody listens to a lie like you
And nobody tries and nobody cries the way that we do

Bridges we burned, lessons we learned, nights we been through
The dreams that we share, the scars that we bear, the way that we do
Somethin' you said, a fortune I read, a heart-shaped tattoo
A line in the sand, a storm we withstand the way that we do
Come on baby, what you got to lose
The tears that we shed, the stones that we bled, the way that we do
Nobody cries and nobody tries the way that we do


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