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Happy and Free

This song is by Shawn Colvin and Steve Earle and appears on the album Colvin & Earle (2016).

Everybody wants to be happy and free
Like the fish out in the ocean, the bird up in the tree
The teacher and the preacher and the president and me
Just wanna be happy and free

If you make a million dollars you're gonna want three
Climb the highest mountain, somewhere else you wanna be
Doesn't matter any minor miracle you see
Never make you happy and free

Got your good eye on the prize
Wake up in the mornin' and you know it was a lie
Some say
Even if you try
You're never gonna catch that ring

Mama always told me I could do most anything
'Cept for walk upon the water
Come on in out of the rain
I'll do unto you how I want you to do to me
Maybe we'll be happy and free

There's a blessin' you can see
The sunset on the water
And the baby on your knee
But you'll find
That everything you need
You're carryin' around inside

Everybody wants to be happy and free
The king and queen of Sweden and the aborigine
Travel 'round the world in search of treasure but the key
You gotta be happy and free

Written by:

Shawn Colvin; Steve Earle

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