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What You've Done Is Gone

This song is by Columns and appears on the album Please Explode (2014).

When waves come crashing in on,
What once was peace and growth,
Has far but been forgotten.
But stays with those who've lost the most,
And the tiring boredom of living life.
To someday enjoy it...
Makes me angrier and angrier,
With each please I say.
Each one I say... each one I loathe.
Hate builds and builds.
This smell is miserable.
I love humanity at a face value.
It's been a blast, but I can't say,
I've met many authentic people
In some time.
Don't ever rise another saviour.
Don't ever lie to try and save me.
I have become closed off to what I once enjoyed.
(What others think)
And something turns me raw.
Such a lack of strength.
And something rubs me raw.
Such a wasted seed.
Don't lump me in with this.
Don't expect me to give (anything).
I've seen too many walk away.
Goals as easy as popularity.
Go get what you paid for.
Go fuck your picket fence.

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