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Harmless Escape

This song is by Columns and appears on the album Please Explode (2014).

Oh, each escape is unlike the rest.
Terror only waits for me in dreams.
I'll take a drawback on something fresh.
Immerse myself in music and avoid my violent side.
My violent side... it seldom shows itself.
My violent side... is very persuasive.
And it is the earth that brings me to a halt.
I thought I could be happy without much consequence.
I should have known that's pointless.
It's someone's paycheck.
The DEA.
The DEA is a joke.
Something's gone wrong when the addicted do time.
An arm has rot off, infected with H.
A way that makes him enslaved to his own unique god or idol.
And you take him away and leave him.
With a bad withdrawal and nothing more.

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