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Supa Lo-Fi (2000)Edit

Coltrane Motion - Supa Lo-Fi
Supa Lo-Fi
  1. Black Trenchcoat Blues
  2. Buffalo
  3. Stalker Romance
  4. Shoespring
  5. Judy
  6. Monkeys
  7. Everything
  8. All Across the County
  9. August
  10. Buffalo Buffalo
  11. Goodbye

Slow Down Brother (2000)Edit

Coltrane Motion - Slow Down Brother
Slow Down Brother
  1. Slow Down Brother
  2. Awake
  3. Waiting For a Cuter Muse
  4. Ode to a Prostitute
  5. Love Song for Emmy Hennings

Datawaslost Split Single.02 (2002)Edit

Coltrane Motion - Datawaslost Split Single.02
Datawaslost Split Single.02
  1. Ten Eyes Under Three Skies (Version)
  2. Supersexy '67
  3. Grass/Sky

We Are The Media We Love (2003)Edit

Coltrane Motion - We Are The Media We Love
We Are The Media We Love
  1. No Lemon, No Melon
  2. End of Every Movie
  3. Might Just Be
  4. Silverglow
  5. In Between God & Girl
  6. Swollen Shut
  7. Inhale, In the Blue
  8. Matt's In Love
  9. Pining For English
  10. A Futile Answer
  11. Number (Demo)
  12. Cadillac Coat, Meticulous Eyes

No Well OK Maybe Just A Little (2005)Edit

Coltrane Motion - No Well OK Maybe Just A Little
No Well OK Maybe Just A Little
  1. Pi Is Exactly Three
  2. End of Every Movie
  3. Supersexy '67
  4. I Guess the Kids Are OK

Tour-only Single (2006)Edit

Coltrane Motion - Tour-only Single
Tour-only Single
  1. This Is Not LA
  2. Done

Songs About Music (2007)Edit

Coltrane Motion - Songs About Music
Songs About Music
  1. Ex-Girlfriend In A Coma
  2. Twenty-Seven
  3. You Make It Easy
  4. How To Be
  5. (On Beauty)
  6. Dozier-Holland-Dozier
  7. They Can't Mic The Deep End
  8. I Guess the Kids Are OK
  9. Can't
  10. How To Be (Again)
  11. Summertime

The Year Without A Summer 7" (2009)Edit

  1. The Year Without A Summer
  2. Maya Blue

Hello Ambition! (2010)Edit

Coltrane Motion - Hello Ambition!
Hello Ambition!
  1. When We Were Old
  2. Maya Blue
  3. I Forgot There Was A War On
  4. Wherever This Is
  5. Only Again
  6. Terra
  7. High Tide
  8. My Heart Might Go On
  9. Please Call It A Comeback
  10. One Year From Now

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