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A Couple Of Reasons

This song is by Colour Of Fire and appears on the album Pearl Necklace (2004).

I'm always picking all the faults in the world,
Now every animal I kill is a failure.
I've heard you saying things are getting to me
I think I'm crunching every tooth in my head out.
Machines are ready to take over our worth,
And black'n'white are just a couple of reasons.
I feel redundant and my skin starts to shed,
All parts and pieces are now fully functional, yeah.

(Carbon) devils in me
(Carbon) devils in me

Can I absorb it will it soak through my skin?,
Do you know where I can get that love from?
I get exited and my heart starts to shake,
I think I'm kissing all the collagen out of you, yeah.

(Carbon) devils in me
(Carbon) devils in me

How could this happen?, I can't understand.
The modernist methods were all close to hand.
How is it healing? - your face lift gone wrong...
I don't need you to tie my shoes,
You don't get it and you never will.
You sit tight for a couple of years.
You live life in fucking reverse,
Force feed us, fill us with fear,
I'll die a volunteer,
Sat still with my fist in the air,
I'll rip the stitches from the heart I wear...

(Carbon) devils in me
(Come home) devils in me.

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