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Album by Colosseum.
  1. The Kettle
  2. Elegy
  3. Butty's Blues
  4. The Machine Demands a Sacrifice
  5. The Valentyne Suite
    • Theme One – January's Search
    • Theme Two – February's Valentyne
    • Theme Three – The Grass Is Always Greener


Liner Notes:

The Valentyne Suite has the feeling of a love affair, the sort

which flares up hotly and then consumes itself. Each of its three

themes had been with us for some time before the Grand Design

was revealed. It almost crept up on us unawares. Dave wrote the

first theme - January's Search - which features him restlessly moving

from organ to vibes, piano and back, holding conversations with James,

Dick and myself en route. The long organ solo ends the search and leads

into the second theme - February's Valentyne. This was also written by

Dave from whose gentle beginning Dick takes over to tear his way to the

climax of the affair. The third theme - The Grass Is Always Greener

- begins by reflecting the calm before the storm. Written by Dick and

myself it features Dave and Tony briefly before James emerges to push us

all over the edge and destroy the relationship. The Kettle was written by Dick

and myself during our formative rehearsals and has undergone many changes,

culminating in this Trio version by myself, James, and Tony, featuring

James in dialogue with himself. Elegy and Butty's Blues were both

written by James. Elegy features Dick on soprano. Butty's Blues

features Dave, James and Dick in front of a backcloth provided

by some of the finest young musicians at present working in London.

Neil Ardley directed this ensemble and also wrote the string

quartet arrangement which glides behind us through Elegy.

These sleeve notes were

completed just as Neil Armstrong

took "one small step for man

but a giant leap for mankind".

JON HISEMAN, July 21st, 1969.


The U.S. release of this album was called The Grass Is Greener and featured a similar cover, but a vastly different tracklist.


  • Dave Greenslade – Hammond organ, vibraphone, vocals
  • Dick Heckstall-Smith – saxophone
  • Jon Hiseman – drums
  • James Litherland – guitars, lead vocals
  • Tony Reeves – bass guitars

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