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The Valentyne Suite

This song is by Colosseum and appears on the album Those Who Are About to Die Salute You (1969) and on the album Valentyne Suite (1969).

Theme One – January's Search

Theme Two – February's Valentyne

Theme Three – Beware The Ides Of March (US Release)

Theme Three – The Grass Is Always Greener (UK Release)

TrebleClef Instrumental

Written by:


Liner Notes (US release):

Theme One - By Dave, which features him restlessly moving

from organ to vibes piano and back, holding conversations

with the guitar, soprano and timpani en route.

Theme Two - Also by Dave from whose gentle beginning Dick

tears his way to the climax of the affair.

Theme Three - Based on a J.S. Bach chord sequence, this fea-

tures Dick after the storm followed by Dave and James who

lead us into a shattering parting experience.