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This song is by Colosseum and appears on the live album Live (1971).

Skelington (Clempson Hiseman)

WhoOhooo~~~~~~ooo-nce upon a tiiii-me

I lit a flame to happiness, smoke got in my eyes
I saw may shadow laughing, but couldn’t quench the fire
I watered all the thoughs I had, but nothing there would grow
And my reflections looked, the other way
(And my reflections looked, the other way)
(Ahhh- - - - - - - - Ohhh- - - - - - - - - - - )
(Ohhh- - -Who-oh -) And didn’t want to know
I paid a girl to talk with me, in order to keep me warm
I tried to find within her mind, a reality free from harm
But she only gave me friendship, that’s all she brought along
It was not enough, to live on
(It was not enough, to live on)
(Ahhh- - - - - - - - Ohhh- - - - - - - - - - - )
(Ohhh- - -Who-oh -) And soon I was alone.


Don’t stop chasing happiness, let it take you by surprise
Forget those shadows laughing, just you leave them behind
And make damn sure your reflections, stare you straght back in the eye.
I’m really glad to bought you, in order to keep me warm
I’ve really learned a lesson, girl; while keeeping you free from harm
It’s only worth having, if you give all you’ve got in return.
I hold these truths self-evident, I know it to be so
But my advice seems difficult, for even me to follow through
Perhaps that passing Skelington, can tell me which way to go.

I caught a train to nowhere, smoke got in my eyes
Found myself a wondering, whose life had passed me by
Whether running to the station, I’d met myself coming home
And if I had, who could it be
(And if I had, who could it be)
(Ahhh- - - - - - - - Ohhh- - - - - - - - - - - )
(Ohhh- - -Who-oh -) And whoa-oha-oha ecc. ecc..
......Where did I belong

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