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Rope Ladder to the Moon

This song is by Colosseum and appears on the album The Grass Is Greener (1970) and on the live album Live (1971).

This song is a cover of "Rope Ladder to the Moon" by Jack Bruce.
You asked me to a party
To a place just by the moon
You gave me silver loving
The end was much too soon

You asked me to a weekend
In a cottage in the snow
You gave me central heating
I can't forget the glow

Rope ladder
Rope ladder
Rope ladder to the moon

You asked me to the theatre
In a place quite near the sun
You gave me golden sunbeams
Your act was all in fun

You asked me to a weekend
Down by the stormy sea
You took to a ceremony
And the sacrifice was me

You asked me to a stromcloud
Up near the rainbow's end
Then you threw away the ladder
And gave me to your friend

You took me to a prison
And you said its chief was me
Then you locked me deep inside you
And threw away the key

Rope ladder
Rope ladder
Rope ladder to the moon


Music by:

Jack Bruce

Lyrics by:

Pete Brown

Liner Notes:

We had a ball doing Jack Bruce's album but neither

of us was on this track - it's such a good number

we just had to pinch it for ourselves.



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