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Butty's Blues

This song is by Colosseum and appears on the album Valentyne Suite (1969) and on the album The Grass Is Greener (1970).

Woman I can't stand it
How you look at others the way you do
Please don't do me wrong
'Cause I'd never forgive you
Oh, I just wanna love you
Love you my whole life through
Oh, I'm tellin' you

People tried to tell me
That our love was doomed from the very start
Oh, I wouldn't listen
Oh, but soon I know you're gonna break my heart
Oh, but don't you grieve me
Woman, believe me how much I love you
Oh, I'm tellin' you now

Many moments of pain
Have passed through my life
Since I've met you baby
My world has been filled with strife
So stay no longer
My love will grow stronger without you
Oh, my love will grow stronger without you now


Written by:

James Litherland

Liner Notes (US release):

This appeared on stage one night, and grew, and

grew, and grew: to include a massive big-band

arrangement (by the superb Neil Ardley) which

never stops - we had to fade it out.


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