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This song is by The Color Green.

Prozac babies, Silicone ladies
and kisses that find the air
There's a black cloud coming and it needs no lovin'
and noone seems to care

I had a conversation with a bad news stranger who never looked me in the eye
She just lookd right through and saw the blue of a little girl in denial, in denial

I could never ever touch you
I could never ever see you cry
I could never let you touch me
I'd Just rather die, I'd Just rather die

Well noone ever told me that
I'd be beholding the people I don't even like
But i don't subscribe to the bullshit lies
of unaware parasites!

I once had a dream where i was free from all between love and hate
and I opened my eyes and I saw no lies so i walked out in the the rain


Can you help me?
Can you heal me?
Can you fix me?
Can you shield me?
Can you explain what i have done, feel so empty, feel like i should run

And i don't understand
What i thought i knew
And I don't understand
Why I Can't Choose