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Lind, Look My Way

This song is by The Color Green.

Undercover lovers in the shadows of their broken hearts
Breathin' fear, breathin' fire, breathin' in the dark
When out from the empty comes walkin' a lonely girl
Lookin' For A Real Man To Change Her World
Oh linda look my way
Oh Linda look my way
I said, Oh won't you look my way
I said, oh won't you look my way
Oh, Linda look my way

You said you'd never look back
But I think you're lookin' back right now
What does a word mean if it don't mean your vow?
Well I don't wanna talk too much
Don't wanna be a fool
Oh Fuck it I never did like them rules


And I'll search while i touch you
And I'll find your special place
And I'll wait in the darkness For Light to show my face, to show my face


I said Oh Linda look my way x 5

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