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The Zone

This song is by Colony 5 and appears on the album Structures (2003).

The Zone in the middle of that Zone
where natures laws has been overthrown
Trapped inside the Russian winter mist
calling you in a voice that's hard to resist

It's the Room
where your wishes all come true
It's the Room
where your dreams take shape and forms
It's in this Room
Where you will find yourself
It's the Room
The story is in your mind
so lock the door and throw the key away

The soundtrack of screams is not for fake
The room is just behind the poison lake
Where only Stalkers dare to walk
they know the creatures in the dark
inside the razor wire fence
the glowing fog is dense

In the Room you give in to your desire
It's a gamble, are you a player?
Do you dare to open Pandora's shrine
The story is there in your mind

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