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She's A Planet

This song is by Colony 5 and appears on the album Structures (2003).

She comes to me unwillingly
I take her hands and hold them tight
Her eyes are sad as if they had
Seen all bad and not a single right

The last few years were filled with tears
First of joy but now of grief
When she slept, her life was kept
a conscience stolen by a thief

Her fragile face and shyish grace
leaves me bereft
As much as I adore her skin to her core
She is in love with death

She wants to be the tragedy
The king of dreams wants to keep
She touch her hand to see if she can
Pinch herself back to sleep

She wears her depression, it's like her fashion
She's a planet in her own galaxy
My beautiful friend has reached the end
Of what she can take of reality

She wants to go back to the heart-attack
which gave her a decade in coma
Her only desire is to expire
Into the dark worlds' aroma

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