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The Time Machine

This song is by Collin Raye and appears on the album I Think About You (1995).

he circled and stared
nervous and scared
he knew both the thrill and the cost
but he didn't think twice
this amazing device
was his last chance to see
what he lost
now if time is really a river
and upstream's where he needed to be
he set his sights on the past
finished his glass
and went back in history

to the casual eye its a barstool
but it's really much more than it seems
a few drinks and then
she'll be with him again
as he sits on the time machine

like all pioneers
he swallowed his fears
and watched the whole room fade to black
he's dying to go
but he's no fool
he knows
how hard it will be to come back
but tonight he is tired of the loney
and tomorrow will not be the cure
so he'll just slip away
find yesterday
and spend one more night with her

now as far as the customers can tell
he's just one more fool
who talks to himself
but every man in this place would line up
if they knew what that seat really was


just a few drinks and then
she'll be with him again
as he sits on the time machine

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