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Just A Tuesday

This song is by Colleen Welsch.

I've face a million fears in my life
But nothing has scarred me life this
Thanking God that I'm alive
And feeling for people I don't know but I know I'll miss

I hardly cry ever
But nows just one of those times
Hell is going all around me
I feel the burning inside
Cuz I know that people have died
And my world is falling apart

I saw the screams and I saw the blood
As I watched America's televised terror
I looked at the sky, there wasn't a plane
If this is today, than what is tomorrow?

Today was just a Tuesday
Just a bright and sunny morning
And when the sun had set today changed so many things
But you can't shake the spirit of AMreica
They won't get me

Tears don't count for much
So what are we going to do now?
These headlines will turn into history
So what will tomorrow bring?

Today was such a nightmare
The end of so many dreams
And in the end what went down
Stood for so many things
But we'll just be stronger than ever
Home of the brave

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