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This song is by Colleen Welsch.

Carly, you know this song is about you
Carly, this song might make you angry
I know you're obsessive
So over-protective
But I can stand on my own

Carly, I do not mean to hurt you
Carly, this song might make you cry
I know that you're paranoid
And burn incense to fill the void in your heart
Where do I start?


Carly, I know I'm stronger than you are
So don't bother
Why can't we be the friends that we used to be?
Carly, if life threw me a hard one I can deal with it
And I can pick my own enemies
I don't need you to tell me who they should be

Carly, I know you don't like your own first name
Carly, I know you don't like your own birth place
Carly, I know life's given you a hard time
But can't you see I got my own brain behind my eyes

You say you're opening up my vision
As you pull the blindfold over my eyes
You make me wanna scream
Can't you see you're the one who's blind?


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