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Perfect Day

This song is by Collective Soul and appears on the album Blender (2000).

There she stumbles, falling to her knees,
I think she tripped on reality,
I have witnessed, tragic comedies.
that's the world in which she leads

well i would walk a million miles,
to give her, all that she needs,
but she would a walk a million more,
to do what she believes

she'll have a perfect day

troubles blooming, innocence will fade,
still, she's dry through all the rain,
there;s no purpose, she has yet to crave,
she's like the big dog on parade,

well i would a million miles,
to give her, all that she needs,
she would walk a million more,
to do well as she pleased,

she had a perfect day,

i can't figure this one out,
i've no words here to explain,
she'll just sugar kiss me off,
she'll just have another perfect day

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