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This song is by Collective Soul and appears on the album Disciplined Breakdown (1997).

You pushed me down, for all the world to see
I guess that's your price, for my loyalty

So while you're tasting the sin,
And swallowing the pain,
Don't look at me to take your blame

When you're willing to render,
To the guilt you concede...
When truth is your reason,
Then lay the blame on me...
When you unveil a conscience,
And with peace you agree...
When love is your constant,
Then lay the blame on me...

You lay me out, in hopes that I'd wilt away
But strength rained down, & love provided shade

So while the pageant of lies,
Still glow from your tongue,
Don't blame me for your Kingdom Come...


Question your answers - Your truth has no anger
Gather up your words - Redemption's now offered
...(repeat to fade)

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