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This song is by Collapsis and appears on the album Dirty Wake (1999).

Holly made an angel in the snow
She wished under the stars, and winter sand
Then she whispered to me from below
I think her fallen heart fell in my hands.
She said, "Even in this cold December sky
Know you are the center of my life."
And all that could mean...

So I jump from joy
And I sing out loud
And her smiling face makes me proud
And this frozen world
Somehow it all falls down
Somehow it all falls down

Holly never thought our love would grow
Or ever go beyond this Wonderland
She said, "I will always keep you in my heart
We can be together and apart."
It's all just a dream...


And I'm gonna hang on till the end
And all that could mean
Another year ends and then begins
It's all just a dream
Still I'm gonna love you where I stand
If I stand at all
Still I'm gonna do the best I can.

Holly made an angel in the snow
She wished under the stars and winter sand.

Chorus x 2

Holly made an angel in the snow...

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